Monday, March 8, 2010

To Market, To Market

This past Sunday was a big day in the Gadabouts world: it marked our first official day of selling!

Fremont Market was our chosen venue and boy was it a good time! We arrived early and grabbed a selling spot toward the end of the street, tucked in between a flower stand and candy booth (dangerous because of its amazing caramel popcorn) and got to work. Setting up was a bit of an adventure due to a tent that had seen better days and our lack of farmer's market knowledge (you're required to have weights on your tent, who knew?). Luckily everyone at the market was unbelievably amazing and not only helped us jerry rig a way to keep our tent standing upright and on the ground, but periodically offered words of encouragement and advice throughout the day.

After setting up our goods, we were off. Our first sale was a small, blue centennial mason jar and we were both so excited we wanted to take a picture with the buyer, but decided "too soon, too soon". Selling went great, we got lots of comments on how wonderful our selection and products were and met some great people. One of our favorite customers was a woman who came at the end of the day and snapped up this suitcase for her wedding.

Her plan is to decorate her barn wedding (something this gadabout is jealous of!) with old suitcases and books for centerpieces. This sounded like so much fun we almost traded the suitcase for two invites but again decided, "too soon, too soon" and stuck with the twenty dollar asking price on the tag.

At the closing of the market we packed up and deemed the day a success.
It was hard work, but lots of fun and a great learning experience. We won't be back this weekend as we're on our way to Canada for some international shopping to refresh our wares, but will definitely be back in Fremont soon. Look for us then, we'll be the ones with the weights on our tent and caramel corn bags in our hands. :)


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